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Macleay Street and Lawrence Hargrave Reserve makeovers planned by Sydney City Council (November 2019)

The 2011 Residents Association and the Friends of Fitzroy Gardens and Lawrence Hargrave Reserve have distributed a flyer to local residents detailing the changes that these planned makeovers, if implemented, will bring.

We find that:

  • the Macleay Street makeover will change the street from a residential one to an open-for-business strip
  • the Lawrence Hargrave Reserve makeover will seriously degrade a much loved and needed oasis of peace, quiet and contemplation and remove native species.

We call on residents to make their views known to Council before it is too late. Please also share the flyer with your friends and colleagues.

Click here to read the flyer

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Don’t forget the days of violence before the life-saving measures were introduced


#KeepSydneySafe #nswpol

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Don’t lock out the facts on lockout laws: they’ve made this city safer

Five years ago, the impact of alcohol-related violence and injuries on the hospital, in terms of presentations and admissions, was nothing short of severe. From our perspective, the lockout measures have been a success.

The number of alcohol-related injuries at St Vincent’s have plummeted, including a reduction of serious facial fractures of more than 60 per cent. There have also been no alcohol-related deaths at the hospital since the measures were introduced.

— Assistant Professor Nadine Ezard, Clinical Director, Drug and Alcohol Unit, St Vincent’s Hospital, in: Sydney Morning Herald, 30 May 2019

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Safe Sydney: NSW Elections 2019

Here are the final results in the 2019 NAAPA Election Scorecard – with the responses from the Liberal/National Coalition, Labor and the Greens:


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Sydney City Council is inviting residents to give their feedback on its proposed heritage listing of three buildings on Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross.

For details, visit:

Please submit your feedback by Council’s online form (linked to on the above-mentioned page) before 5pm on Monday 25 March 2019.

* * *

A local resident has told the Wentworth Courier that he appreciates the benefits the lockouts have brought to residential amenity in this area.

“From Schofield’s perspective, the lockout laws introduced four years ago have made life as a local more pleasant, without the aggression he used to encounter on Friday and Saturday nights. “The area around Potts Point still hums but it’s not full of screaming drunks any more giving killer punches.’ “

— Leo Schofield in “The Life of Leo” (Wentworth Courier, 23 May 2018, p. 7).

* * *

sally-norris-broadsheet-re-lockouts - CROPPED.jpg

Sarah Norris, the Sydney Editor of the Broadsheet newspaper writes in this 2018 column:

I love Sydney and I rediscover every day why it’s one of the world’s most vibrant places — don’t get duped into thinking that the city shut down with the arrival of the lockout laws. That’s a furphy.

BREAKING NEWS – Current DA for The Bourbon withdrawn

We have just been advised that the developer has withdrawn the most unpopular DA for The Bourbon site in Darlinghurst Road.

We thank all the hardworking members of the 2011 Residents Association who volunteered their time over many weeks to encourage local residents to contact Council and oppose this DA and who put in days of work to make the Public Meeting happen (it was a packed house!) at the Reg Murphy Centre on 18 January:

BREAKING NEWS – New toilets for Fitzroy Gardens

After six, long years of malfunctioning public toilets under the police station in the Fitzroy Gardens (the ONLY public toilets in the Cross), a joint campaign of the Save Fitzroy Gardens group and the 2011 Residents Association (supported by Councillers Craig Chung, Christine Forster and Kerryn Phelps) has resulted in the Sydney City Council announcing the construction of three new toilets and the implementation of more cleaning and security patrols every day:

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Have your say on late-night trading in Sydney!

The City of Sydney is “reviewing the rules that control trading hours and areas for businesses opening at night in the city. These include bars, cafes, restaurants, shops and entertainment and music venues that stay open later than 10pm”.

To learn more about this consultation and have your say, click here.

IMPORTANT: Please do this before 5pm on Friday 30 March 2018 when the consultation period closes.

* * *

What is the controversy about the proposed Bourbon development all about?

Click here to view videos of the speakers and residents at the public meeting on 18 January 2018

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10 reasons Council should reject DA 2017/1705 (18-32 Darlinghurst Road, Potts Point) as presented to public meeting held at Reg Murphy Centre on 18 January 2018

Click here to read the 10 reasons

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Public Meeting
about the Proposed Redevelopment of The Bourbon

Which streetscape above do you prefer:

a. The one on the left, OR
b. The one on the right?

Tell Sydney Council what you think!

We have prepared a flyer which sets out a suggested format for your own personal submission. It can be accessed here:
a. PDF copy – https://goo.gl/XbY1Jy
b. Word doc.x copy – https://goo.gl/DdbawB

NOTE: The closing date for submissions is  5pm Wednesday 24 January 2018. Make your submission today!

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Stop the destruction of an entire historic Kings Cross block

Kings Cross has been rapidly gentrified over the last few years by greedy developers with no association or connection with this historic precinct. It has long been Sydney’s bohemian area and a haven for creative and/or anyone escaping the conformity and drudgery of suburban living. This latest development application if it proceeds will raze an entire historic block including The infamous Bourbon and The Empire hotel, the old Les Girls from the 60’s until the mid 90’s. In its place will rise a generic, architecturally unimaginative block of 83 ‘luxury’ apartments, over 100 car spaces and provision for 2 greatly reduced licenced premises. Please sign to stop this monstrosity being built.

CLICK HERE to sign the petition to stop the the destruction of The Bourbon block in Kings Cross

The 2011 Residents’ Association  (2011RA) represents the residents of the 2011 postcode area of Sydney, Australia. This includes the suburbs of Kings Cross, Potts Point, Elizabeth Bay, Rushcutters Bay and Woolloomooloo.

We support residents by working with all levels of government to improve our neighbourhood.  Recent campaigns have included defending the Fitzroy Gardens from demolition, preserving the 311 bus route, reducing alcohol-related violence and keeping the neighbourhood safer.

While the 2011RA focuses on residential amenity issues, we acknowledge that these intersect with many non-residential issues of the inner-city Kings Cross environment. We remind the City of Sydney Council that we live in a mixed residential area and not an entertainment precinct, although we greatly value and support our local shops, cafes, and restaurants.

All local residents are welcome to join the association. Connect and participate with your community to make our village better.

The 2011 Residents’ Association’s Convenor is Helen Crossing. The Deputy Convenor is Margaret Harvie, the Secretary is Peter Young, the Treasurer is Kerrie Needs, and the Committee members are Carole Ferrier, Paul Wagner and Rebecca Wright.

Development-Application-IconHow to Object to a Development Application

You have become aware that someone is asking to change something about the structure or use of a property that may affect you or your community. You either believe, or you are uncertain about, the implications of this proposed development. What do you do?

Here are some suggestions about actions that you might take:

How to Object to a Development Application (“DA”) that May Affect You or Your Property

stop-press2011RA Policies and Motions on the Lockout Laws in Kings Cross

In February 2014 the NSW State Government introduced 1.30am lockouts and 3am cessation of serving alcohol for pubs and clubs (not small bars) in a bid to curb alcohol-related anti-social violence.

The following Motion was passed unanimously, item 3 (viii), 2nd February 2015: “The 2011 Residents’ Association supports the two-year lockout trial and calls on all stakeholders to support the trial which has proven successful in addressing anti-social, alcohol-related violence.”

The following Motion was passed unanimously at our 3rd November 2014 meeting: “The 2011 Residents’ Association Incorporated supports current lockout laws for Kings Cross and recommends that the current trial be allowed to run its full course and be extended. This Association also supports the rejuvenation and redefining of Kings Cross.”

The following political candidates (listed in alphabetical order) for the Seat of Sydney in the NSW State election of the 28 March 2015 expressed their views:
Chris Brentin, The Greens Party: “The Greens oppose blanket lockouts and last drinks for venues in Kings Cross and the Sydney CBD… laws like this punish late night venues that operate responsibly… we have seen late night businesses suffer… everyone deserves a pleasurable night out.” Read more…
Alex Greenwich, Sitting Member: “… it is not clear across the board lockouts improve safety… having impacts on live music venues… I support lockouts imposed on poorly managed venues… a review when BOSCAR data is available… [and] 3am cessation of alcohol service for all venues.” Read more…
Eddie Lloyd, Australian Labor Party: “I can assure you I am an unequivocal supporter of the so-called ‘lock-out laws’ in Kings Cross and the CBD… I was a supporter of the Last Drinks campaign organised by emergency service workers that led the way in campaigning for government action to address alcohol-fuelled violence.” Read more…
Patrice Pandeleos, Liberals: “In January 2014 the NSW government announced a package of measures including liquor licensing restrictions… Parliament was recalled to implement most of the legislative measures… the NSW government has no intention of loosening these arrangements.” Read more…

Interesting Video on the Lockout Laws

CLICK HERE to watch a video on the arguments for and against the lockout laws

Living in Postcode 2011: The Gazebo

The Gazebo Apartments

The Gazebo apartments, formerly the Cherveralls private hotel site, was opened after conversion to apartments in 2005. The Gazebo Hotel, opened in May 1969, was famous for its jaw-dropping 360 degree views and hip 1960s bright blue and vivid purple-puce cocktail bar. Originally described as “one of the most spirited additions to Sydney’s skyline for some time”, it is now heritage-listed for its unusual technical significance: it has a unique 18-storey construction method determined by its cylindrical shape and radiating concrete frame. It is also an excellent example of a Post-War International style building.

Contact details

You can contact us in the following ways:

By letter:
2011 Residents’ Association, Inc.
PO Box 1513
Potts Point 1335 NSW
By email:

2011 Residents’ Association incorporation number INC/Y2166331

Views endorsed by 2011 Residents’ Association are always signed either by the Convenor or by a committee member of the Association.

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