2011 Residents' Association

Residents of Kings Cross, Potts Point, Elizabeth Bay, Rushcutters Bay and Woolloomooloo

In the News

May 2021
2 May Guard charged after man knocked unconscious outside Kings Cross strip clubSMH
“A security guard has been charged for allegedly knocking a man unconscious outside a strip club in Kings Cross early this morning.”

January 2021
13 Jan And then the pandemic came: A tale of two community gardens – SMH
“But the arrival of the chickens played a key role in helping the [Bourke Street Community Garden] flourish during a time when many Sydneysiders would experience loss and hardship. The garden’s membership doubled to more than 50 during the pandemic and more residents took notice of it, which can be easy to miss as it is in an area that is far from peaceful: the garden is under a railway bridge and sits next to the Eastern Distributor.”

August 2020
10 Aug String of venues fined for COVID-19 breaches – City Hub
“A string of venues across Sydney’s CBD and Eastern suburbs have been slapped with $5000 fines for failing to comply with COVID-19 public health orders. Unity Hall in Balmain, the Darlo Village Hotel in Darlinghurst, the Eastern Hotel in Bondi Junction, and the Watson’s Bay Boutique Hotel were all found to be in breach of social distancing requirements in the past week.”

July 2020
16 Jul Renewed calls for City of Sydney to buy Metro Theatre Kings Cross – Commercial Real Estate
“Sydney Lord Mayor Clove Moore said she support MTAG’s efforts to see the venue revived as a theatre or cultural facility, but finances were a problem.”

May 2020
26 May Bill represents lost opportunity to tackle the state’s alcohol problem – Newcastle Herald
“The NSW government is making major changes to alcohol laws that further benefits the powerful alcohol lobby at the community’s expense with no mention of the unprecedented high rate of alcohol-fuelled domestic violence. (…) The changes include preventing residents from complaining about excessive noise from pubs and clubs to the liquor regulator. They also expand the legal loopholes that enable especially the owners of the biggest and most violent pubs and clubs, to escape or erase penalties for violent incidents occurring within and close to their large venues and, breaches of the Liquor Act.”

March 2020
24 Mar Potts Point alterations cause confusion – City Hub

After three public meetings, Sydney Council Lord Mayor, Clover Moore, is still no closer to garnering unequivocal support from small businesses and the local community for her zany Macleay Street alterations in Potts Point.

At the most recent meeting on Wed 18 March at Council’s Rex Centre, about 150 anxious locals expressed concern, laughed and hurled scorn at Council staff.

January 2020
19 Jan Young woman punched by another woman as lockout laws end – SMH
“The night … ended unhappily for a young woman who was allegedly punched in the face by another woman at the Oxford Art Factory, a live music venue on Oxford Street in Darlinghurst. Paramedics treated the injured woman at the scene, watched by a large crowd of bystanders…”

26 Jan Reveller, 22, clings to life with a fractured skull and serious brain injuries after alleged one-punch attack outside a Sydney nightclub – Daily Mail
Magistrate noted: “It’s a prevalent occurrence that a person, affected by too much alcohol, is involved in acts of violence on the streets”.

October 2019
1 Oct Lockout laws expected to be scrapped by the end of the year – SMH
“But emergency service workers and doctors at St Vincent’s Hospital in Darlinghurst warned that changes to the laws could lead to a return to the “brutal” conditions of 2014.

‘This [hospital] was a very brutal place in 2014,’ said Paul Preisz, the director of emergency at St Vincent’s. ‘Some of what we were seeing was life-changing violence, we saw deaths of young people that we haven’t seen since the laws came in and we would hate for this to come back.’ ”

May 2019
30 May Don’t lock out the facts on lockout laws: they’ve made this city safer – SMH

“Five years ago, the impact of alcohol-related violence and injuries on the hospital, in terms of presentations and admissions, was nothing short of severe. From our perspective, the lockout measures have been a success.

The number of alcohol-related injuries at St Vincent’s have plummeted, including a reduction of serious facial fractures of more than 60 per cent. There have also been no alcohol-related deaths at the hospital since the measures were introduced.”

— Assistant Professor Nadine Ezard, Clinical Director, Drug and Alcohol Unit, St Vincent’s Hospital

December 2018
2 Dec Councils call for compulsory NSW registration system for short-term rental properties – Domain
“Sydney is lagging behind other world cities in its regulation of Airbnb-style holiday lets, putting lives at risk, claims a growing chorus of industry experts.”

November 2018
9 Nov Airbnb squeezes renters from some ‘high-demand’ Sydney suburbs – SMH

8 Nov Living on a noisy street is harming your health: World Health Organisation – Domain

April 2018
20 Apr Developer withdraws controversial plans to redevelop the Bourbon in Kings Cross – Domain

March 2018
15 Mar Councillors Up the Cross – City News
“Another more immediate issue for both residents and visitors to Kings Cross, is the state of the public toilets adjacent to the Kings Cross Police Station and Fitzroy Gardens. Destinations NSW reported in 2016 that the area attracted 1.2 million international and domestic visitors, and yet there are only three intermittently working public toilets for the entire area.”

January 2018
10 Jan The Rise and Fall of the Empire – City News
“Helen Crossing, convenor 2011 Residents’ Association said, ‘The proposed building is not in keeping with those currently existing in the area, or what we think Council ought to be considering as part of its vision for Kings Cross.’ ”

September 2017
14 Sep Cropping Up Everywhere – Neighbourhood
Sydney’s flourishing community gardens, including the Bourke Street Community Garden in Woolloomooloo. The 2011 Residents Association supported the fight in 2015 to retain the Bourke Street Community Garden.

August 2017
2 Aug Moore ahead for the historic Piccolo – Wentworth Courier
[Shamus Moore, one of Piccolo Bar’s new owners] said “they wanted to be part of the ‘revival’ of Kings Cross as it reinvents itself following the lockout laws, adding Piccolo’s survival would contribute to a sense of community.

They hope it will be a melting pot for social activists to come together and discuss important issues in a welcoming environment without music blaring in the background.

“I think the lockouts were a result of a proliferation of bars and we need a balance with restaurants and cafes and places of refuge, so to speak, from full-on bars,” he said.

“We need that sensible approach to dining and eating out that doesn’t always have to (involve drinking).

“For shift workers, our evening is their morning so it allows them to grab a coffee and a bite to eat while staying sober.”

16 Aug Historic Piccolo Bar reopens – Central News

July 2017
7 Jul Kings Cross Hotel to remove Keep Sydney Open banner as lockout supporters complain – Sydney Morning Herald
22 July AirBNB: friend or foe? – Sydney Morning Herald

December 2016
14 Dec Residents’ verdict on lockout law changes – Wentworth Courier

November 2016
9 Nov Noise, the biggest threat to urban health – Altmedia

October 2016
22 Oct Airbnb ‘party zone warnings’ – The Australian
“Fears as inquiry says bans on short-term leases should be lifted.”

20 Oct It’s not last drinks for Kings Cross, it’s regeneration at work – Drinktank

September 2016
23 Sep Opposition grows to skateboard park in Rushcutters Bay Park – Daily Telegraph

August 2016
31 Aug Kings Cross: The changing face of Sydney’s once swinging red light district – ABC Lateline

29 Aug Majority of voters back broader lockout laws across NSW, poll shows – SMH
“A majority of NSW voters say the … ‘lockout’ laws in Sydney’s centre should be extended across the state and three-quarters of young people support existing laws, an exclusive Fairfax poll has found.”

28 Aug Report claims lockout’s impact exaggerated – SMH

May 2016
20 May Hunt for those throwing Molotov cocktails at the homeless uncovers Kings Cross drug ring – SMH

11 May DreamGirls strip club licensee fined after dramatic raids – SMH

4 May Medical professionals support extension of Kings Cross lockout laws – Daily Telegraph “The head of the emergency department at Prince of Wales Hospital has thrown his support behind a call to extend lockout laws to Coogee to reduce alcohol-related violence. St Vincent’s Hospital head of trauma asso­ciate professor Tony Grabs said there had been a 50 per cent fall in serious head injuries in the intensive care unit since the Sydney CBD lockout laws were introduced.”

March 2016
21 Mar Why all Sydneysiders should be grateful for the lockout, SMH, p. 14
“Those of us concerned about public safety must defeat, by reliance upon this evidence, the barbarian barrage of highly rhetorical nonsense coming from those guided by self-interest and greed, seeking to return the streets of Sydney and Newcastle back to drunken blood baths where drinks were dear and life was cheap.” – Prof. Ross Fitzgerald

March 2016
26 Mar Lockout law winners: Kings Cross daytime economy thriving – The Australian

February 2016
17 Feb Cross has words with Baird to keep lockouts – Wentworth Courier, p. 1 and p. 4
“Helen Crossing from the 2011 Residents Association said the laws had made ‘resounding changes to the quality of life’ and this week sent a letter to the premier thanking him on their behalf.”

November 2015
20 Nov Proof transcript of Senate’s Economic Reference Committee enquiry into Personal Choice and Community Impacts
Two members of 2011RA testified before the Committee re the benefits of the lockout/last drinks laws in the Kings Cross area (see pp. 30-38)

September 2015
16 Sep Kings Cross Community Centre praised – Wentworth Courier
Bouquets for the services and the “engaging, interesting” volunteers at the Kings Cross Community Centre (article, p. 8; letter, p. 39)

May 2015
12 May Cafe and restaurant owners praise Kings Cross lockouts as trade spikes on clean streets – Daily Telegraph
“Joffrey Van Asten says his patrons are at ease, more polite and in greater number in the post-lockout Kings Cross.”

April 2015
16 Apr Assaults in Kings Cross and Sydney CBD drop after year of liquor law reforms – The Guardian
A Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research (BOSCAR) report showed “an immediate and substantial reduction in assault in Kings Cross (down 32%)”.
13 Apr Iris Capital opts for Bourbon in Kings Cross – Australian Financial Review
“The Bourbon… is likely to be converted to apartments”

January 2015
13 Jan Advocates attack plans to review Sydney lockout laws – SBS News
“Health professionals, police advocates and anti-alcohol campaigners have slammed a possible early review by the New South Wales government into its controversial lockout laws.”
12 Jan Lockout laws: early Baird review dismays one-punch victim’s family – Sydney Morning Herald

December 2014
1 Dec Lockout laws lifted for New Year’s Eve in Sydney – Daily Telegraph

November 2014
3 Nov Councils to get more powers on planning matters – Sydney Morning Herald

October 2014
24 Oct Bourbon Hotel and former Swans Club to be sold – Sydney Morning Herald

September 2014
17 Sep Kings Cross mourns its gentle Animal – Sydney Morning Herald
Animal, the biker philanthropist of Kings Cross, will be remembered for half a century of small kindnesses.
27 Sep Kings Cross: good riddance to vile squalor – Sydney Morning Herald

August 2014
5 Aug Residents fight Astoria Hotel – Daily Telegraph, p. 10
“Members of the 2011 … Residents’ Association said the hotel had been allowed to accommodate the housing commission tenants while it had a host of health and safety problems.”

June 2014
4 Jun Resident groups praise new alcohol lawsWentworth Courier
Helen Crossing said the new laws had “calming, quietening effect”. Jo Holder said “I don’t think Kings Cross has been shut down; I think Kings Cross has been rejuvenated.”
5 Jun Rushcutters Bay locals fenced in over oval concernsSydney City News
5 Jun Residential rebirth – TEN Eyewitness News
“It’s been 3 months since tough new lock-out laws were introduced in and around Kings Cross and residents say their community has been reborn.”
6 Jun Kings Cross businesses say new alcohol laws are costing jobs but residents welcome peace and quiet – ABC News
25 Jun Rushcutters Bay: Fence feud causes a great divide – Wentworth Courier
“Resident Dixie Coulton, a former deputy Lord Mayor, said the process had been a complete betrayal of public trust. ‘Council has the hide to call all this ‘routine maintenance’ and therefore make it DA exempt,’ Ms Coulton said.”

April 2014
9 Apr Playground opens amid controversyCentral
16 Apr Citizens Jury delivers unsurprising verdict – Sydney City News
“Josh Sprake, who was one of seven or eight jury members under 25, said the process was hampered by its focus on reaching consensus.

‘Owing to this handicap, the jury was unable to criticise ideas or support other initiatives that may not have been popular but would have been effective at addressing our goals,’ he told City News.”

February 2014
24 Feb Lockout laws begin aimed at reducing alcohol-related violence in Sydney’s CBD and Kings Cross – ABC News

December 2013

15 Dec Bada Bing stripped of all-night trading licence – Daily Telegraph

November 2013
26 Nov  Dark terror: rapist dragged victim to gloomy Potts Point lane with no CCTV – Daily Telegraph  (“Helen Crossing, the convener of the 2011 Residents’ Association, said the government also needed to wind back trading hours in local bars and clubs. ‘The long trading hours that lead to excessive drinking and increased anti-social behaviour is a big issue for residents. It’s a recipe for disaster,’ she said.”)

October 2013
31 Oct  No fair play at Fitzroy Gardens – Sydney City News
31 Oct Inaction over CCTV protects thugs – Daily Telegraph
23 Oct Sydney council approves trial closure of Bayswater Road – Wentworth Courier
16 Oct Grandmothers on the streets: the hard truth of homelessness – The Telegraph
15 Oct ID scanners to curb Kings Cross violence – news.com.au
11 Oct Pedestrians to take over Kings Cross – SMH
10 Oct All the tough talk will not fix the problems of Kings Cross – Daily Telegraph
9 Oct Top marx to residents who club together – Wentworth Courier

September 2013
24 Sept Govt proposes strict ID laws for pubs, clubs – Hospitality Magazine

March 2013
31 March Police Commissioner lays down law over drunken violence – SMH
31 March The price that society pays for heavy drinkers’ freedom is a crying shame – SMH
27 March Clover’s food trucks eat into profits – Daily Telegraph
25 March More saturation-style policing required – Daily Telegraph
25 March John Ibrahim nightclub avoids bankruptcy – The Telegraph
25 March Man knocked unconscious for touching car – SMH
20 March Food trucks that ate Kings Cross – Wentworth Courier
20 March Drugs, sex and a turf war’s inglorious end – SMH
14 March Top Sydney cop slams grog shop numbers – Daily Telegraph
6 March No one’s talking about strip club shooting in Cross – SMH
5 March Bang-bang at the Bada Bing – jury told of strip club shooting – SMH
2 March Hospital slams AHA for ‘denial’ of alcohol problems – SMH

February 2013
16 Feb Council to make big noise to educate residents – SMH
15 Feb Council plans for pop-up pissoirs, drink police and culture to reclaim night– SMH
10 Feb Wayside sows seeds of plenty up top – SMH

January 2013
28 Jan Fewer youngsters now sleeping on the mean streets of Kings Cross – SMH
18 Jan Sobering up centre trial for city’s inebriated – SMH

October 2012
17 Oct Council CCTV use may break privacy law – SMH
16 Oct Clover to turn the rock back on in Sydney  – Herald Sun
12 Oct Sydney bars banned from using liquid nitrogen – Sydney Morning Herald
6 Oct Bob the dog star of Kings Cross – Wentworth Courier
4 Oct Kings Cross library designs finalised – Alternative Media
3 Oct 35 arrested in first round against alcohol related violence – Wentworth
2 Oct Police investigate death of Potts Point man in fire – Wentworth

September 2012
30 Sept NSW police nab 35 in booze blitz – News.com.au
29 Sept Kings Cross small bars swept up in blanket bans – SMH
28 Sept New Kings Cross exit strategy for revellers – ABC online
28 Sept Sugarmills new rooftop bar to open despite protests – Wentworth
28 Sept Prepaid taxi trial set for Kings Cross – Wentworth
25 Sept Police stay silent – National Indigenous News
25 Sept Woman bit off boyfriend’s tongue after night in Kings Cross – SMH
22 Sept Kings Cross ban sparks legal threat – Sydney Morning Herald
21 Sept Privacy problems plague Kings Cross ID scanning – Government news
19 Sept Tough new plan to curb Kings Cross alcohol-fuelled violence – Wentworth Courier
19 Sept Lockouts on the table but not in Kings Cross plan – Sky news
19 Sept Doors shut on Kings Cross lockouts despite pleas – Daily Telegraph
18 Sept Kings Cross blitz to include ID scanners and drug dogs – In the mix
18 Sept Sniffer dogs and ID scanners for Kings Cross – Sydney Morning Herald
17 Sept Man stabbed in Kings Cross – Sydney Morning Herald
17 Sept  Dogs of War burn the Cross – Sydney Morning Herald
16 Sept Real heroes walk away: join the campaign against street violence – Courier Mail
13 Sept Kings Cross hotel challenge knocked back – Wentworth Courier
8 Sept Experts agree on a 10 point plan for Kings Cross – Wentworth Courier
5 Sept City of Sydney Council elections: alcohol policies – Street Corner
4 Sept CCTV images of men wanted in Kings Cross fire – Wentworth Courier
4 Sept Workers call for more cops in Kings Cross – Herald Sun
4 Sept Where all Sydney parties stand – Inner West Courier
3 Sept Indian restaurant fined when dead rat found – Herald Sun

August 2012
31 August NSW ordered to release Kings Cross data – Daily Telegraph
31 August Kings Cross pubs fight trading hour restrictions – Herald Sun
30 August Supporters of Clover Moore and Alan Jones clash -Daily Telegraph
30 August NSW people support more action on alcohol – Perth News
30 August Kings Cross Hotel to fight licensing restrictions – Australian Hospitality Magazine
29 August Clubs offer to fund extra cops in Kings Cross – Herald Sun
27 August Kings Cross’ night of shame – Daily Telegraph
27 August The real underbelly: Tales from Sydney’s frontline – Daily Telegraph
25 August Breaking booze culture with sweeping reforms – News.com.au
24 August Sydney Lord Mayoral candidates go head to head – Wentworth Courier
24 August Manly…a long way from Kings Cross – Sydney Morning Herald
23 August NSW govt reviews Kings Cross teen unit – Herald Sun
17 August Turnbull welcomes plans to fix Kings Cross – Sydney Morning Herald
17 August Alcohol in Cross-hairs but premier gun shy – Brisbane Times
16 August Kings Cross patrons unconvinced by crackdown – ABC Online
16 August Division over changes to Fitzroy Gardens – City News
16 August Kings Cross owners plan crisis talks – Sydney Morning Herald
16 August Venues flouting rule on service of alcohol – Sydney Morning Herald
16 August Calling time on Kings Cross grog culture – Herald Sun
16 August Snappy scenes in the Gardens – Sydney Morning Herald
15 August Marshals to monitor all licenced premises in Kings Cross after 11pm – Herald Sun
15 August Fitzroy Gardens turns into election battleground – Wentworth
15 August Drinks ban imposed on Kings Cross club zone – Australian
15 August Kings Cross gets new booze and glass bans – Daily Telegraph
7 August Man suffers bleeding brain after Kings Cross attack – Wentworth
6 August Police chief backs Kings Cross curfew – ABC online
6 August Lockouts prove key to curbing violence – News.com.au
2 August Sydney an angry city, Kings Cross forum told – Wentworth
2 August Breaking the booze industry’s grip – The Economist
2 August Kings Cross pubs put on notice – Courier Mail
2 August Kings Cross gets its landmark back – Alternative Media
2 August Ask the Kings Cross drunks – Same Same
1 August Peace patrols in Kings Cross – Daily Telegraph
1 August Alcohol-linked hospital visits decreased in Cross after Kelly death – SMH

July 2012
29 July Liquor laws losing fight in Kings Cross – Herald Sun
27 July The blame game: what’s next for Kings Cross – In the mix
27 July Two men charged over Kings Cross assault – Herald Sun
26 July How hospitals are cleaning up a bloody violent mess – News.com
25 July Phase one of Kings Cross audit done – Ninemsn
25 July Cheers for abstinence advice, but it is not working – SMH
24 July Kings Cross to follow Valley’s lead – Brisbane Times
24 July CCTV vans ‘could help solve Kings Cross violence’ – Ninemsn
23 July Venues visited in Kings Cross licence crackdown – ABC News
22 July Blood on streets after another violent night in Kings Cross – Daily Telegraph
22 July Be safe, Kings Cross partygoers told – Herald Sun
21 July Souris warns Kings Cross venues may face consequences – SMH
21 July Sense not sobriety should be crux of debate – SMH
21 July Streets get tough, laws get tougher – SMH
21 July Lessons from Kings Cross – Newcastle Herald
20 July No Cross revolution while politicians under influence – Brisbane Times
20 July Sydney’s fright life – Sydney Morning Herald
19 July Assault spree led to Kelly murder arrest – Herald Sun
18 July Unhappy residents call for lockouts – Daily Telegraph
18 July Too many liquor outlets, too much drunken violence – The Drum
18 July Kings X audited in regulator crackdown – ABC News
18 July Souris does a u-turn on Kings Cross forum – SBS
18 July Small bars hit back at rebuke by minister – Sydney Morning Herald
18 July Sydney discusses alcohol fueled violence – The Australian
18 July Booze driving Kings Cross violence, cops tell forum – ABC news
18 July Police, nurses enter Kings Cross debate – Herald Sun
17 July Clean up Kings Cross – Wentworth Courier
17 July Action on Kings Cross – Sydney Morning Herald
17 July Kings Cross clubs to be audited – Business Spectator
17 July Sydney small bars under the spotlight – Sydney Morning Herald
17 July Lollipops, slow music to calm the Cross  – Daily Telegraph
16 July What does a night in Kings Cross look like? – ABC online
15 July Friday night fights as Kings Cross returns to normal – Daily Telegraph
15 July – Real crime in Kings Cross is police inaction – Sunday Telegraph
14 July Chilling allure of city’s underbelly – Sydney Morning Herald
14 July Turnbull weighs in on Cross strife  – The Australian
14 July Crossing the line into the danger zone – Telegraph
14 July Why people are drawn to Sydney’s dark heart – Daily Telegraph
14 July The Queen of grog: Keating lashes Moore – Sydney Morning Herald
14 July Be safe, Kings Cross partygoers told – Herald Sun
14 July Kings Cross bars escape the ‘three strikes’ rule – Sydney Morning Herald
13 July Top cop’s grim warning for Kings Cross – Sydney Morning Herald
13 July King-hit death sparks Kings Cross clean up plan – ABC
13 July Mayor, pubs differ on how to stop violence – Sydney Morning Herald
13 July Kings Cross venues refute Mayor’s blame – The Music
13 July Man arrested after glassing in Kings Cross – Wentworth
13 July Going out to Kings Cross tonight? Here’s what you can expect – SMH
13 July Teens still flocking to Kings Cross days after brutal attack – Daily Telegraph
12 July Enough is enough with Kings Cross lawlessness – Sydney Morning Herald
12 July Kings Cross landmarks on the road to recovery – Alternative media
12 July Time to end the violence – Sydney Morning Herald
11 July How to stop the violence in Kings Cross? ABC
11 July Cross marks the spot where violence is all too common – Sydney Morning Herald
10 July Man dies after being king hit in Kings Cross – Wentworth
10 July Sydney lawyer warns Kings Cross too dangerous for teens – ABC
9 July Kings Cross police investigate unprovoked assault – Wentworth
2 July Kings Cross joyrider sentenced – Daily Telegraph

June 2012
30 June Council tackles 3am taxi drought – Sydney Morning Herald
28 June Hectic night for police in the Cross – Daily Telegraph
28 June Armed men rob Potts Point hotel – Wentworth
23 June Police officer charged after allegedly buying drugs in Potts Point – Wentworth
23 June The hottest old spot in the Cross: Mandy Sayer – Wentworth
22 June Kings Cross residents fight to keep Kings Cross out – Wentworth
21 June Booze ban for city streets – Wentworth
21 June Liquor license freeze extended – Sydney Morning Herald
18 June Bikies assaulted police, magistrate told – Daily Telegraph
15 June Teenage street gangs running wild – Daily Telegraph
14 June Plan to turn city into a creature of the night – Sydney Morning Herald
7 June Man found with $38K work of cocaine in Woolloomooloo – Wentworth
7 June Top cop urges change to Kings Cross liquor licenses – ABC
6 June Police see if bikie law can stop parlour – Sydney Morning Herald
6 June Kings Cross tattoo parlour owner denies security risk – Wentworth
5 June Kings Cross ink stink  – Sydney Morning Herald
4 May Bat eviction starts tonight – Wentworth
1 June Kings Cross running brawl – Herald Sun
1 June Mass brawl erupts erupts in Kings Cross– Daily Telegraph

May 2012
31 May Australian defence personnel in violent Kings Cross brawl – Wentworth
30 May John Ibrahim parlour protest file lost – Daily Telegraph
24 May Doco on Kings Cross injection centre wins award – Central
24 May Man’s tongue bitten off in Kings Cross row – Daily Telegraph
20 May John Ibrahim’s bazooka-proof tattoo parlour – SMH
19 May Heart of the Nation: Kings Cross 2011 – The Australian
17 May Gang members arrested over Woolloomooloo machete attach – Wentworth
21 May Security officer charged over Kings Cross nightclub assault – Wentworth
19 May No falling by the wayside for this revamped institution – SMH
18 May Good ideas needed for Kings Cross late night trading – Wentworth
16 May Kings Cross blitz backfires on cops – Daily Telegraph
6 May Outlaw bikies make stand at Kings Cross – SMH
5 May Businesses to have say on Kings Cross – Wentworth
2 May No Kings Cross shooting probe by police watchdog– ABC News
1 May New health clinic serves Kings Cross – Central

April 2012
28 April Shots another chapter in city’s neon dreams – SMH
27 April Image at Cross purposes – smoke does not always mean fire – SMH
26 April Will increased CCTV save Kings Cross? – City News
25 April We need to talk about Kings Cross – Wentworth editorial
25 April Manly now the role model of reinvention for Kings Cross – SMH
25 April Police on high alert before shots fired – SMH
25 April Five ideas for a safe Kings Cross – Wentworth
24 April Kings Cross a war zone, says Turnbull – ABC news
23 April We don’t shoot at tyres: police call for calm SMH
23 April Kings Cross shooting: how the drama unfolded – Herald Sun
23 April Witnesses film police after shooting – SMH video
22 April Man in court over Kings Cross shooting – SMH
21 April Police defend shooting teenagers in Kings Cross mayhem – The Australian
21 April Police shoot two teens in Kings Cross – SBS News
21 April Bikers banned from wearing colours in Kings Cross – ABC
21 April Getting on with the village people – Wentworth
12 April Arrests made following Kings Cross bikie brawl – Wentworth
12 April Alleged bikie charged over Bada Bing shooting – Wentworth
12 April Woman suffers broken leg in Potts Point assault – Wentworth
9 April Sydney council to listen to noisy venues – Wentworth
9 April Man shot in Sydney strip club – ABC News
9 April Strip club shooting prompts gangland crime fears – Telegraph
8 April New drinking limits put on bottle shops and drinking venues – Sunday Telegraph
5 April Clover Moore disappointed by ban on cruise liners – Wentworth
1 April The red light goes out– Sydney Morning Herald

March 2012
31 March Newsmaker: green bans – SMH
31 March Postcode 2011: Elizabeth Bay – SMH
30 March Cruise ships to be turned away from Garden Island base – SMH
23 March Street artists splash colour on Kings Cross billboard – Wentworth
21 March Tagged cockies get their own Facebook page – Sydney Morning Herald
19 March Woolloomooloo man charged over samurai sword threat – Wentworth
6 March Navy to raise its berthing fees – Daily Telegraph
13 March  CCTV increases in Kings Cross – Wentworth Courier
12 March Complaints leave a bitter taste in alfreso feud – Sydney Morning Herald
12 March More eyes on the beat as CCTV increases in Kings Cross– Wentworth
20 March Cross dressed and casual – Wentworth

February 2012
23 Feb Kings Cross CCTV absolves suspect – SMH
15 Feb A not-so-warm welcome for Queen Mary II tourists – Wentworth
13 Feb Police on bikie war watch in the Cross – SMH
10 Feb  Crackdown on cars as residents are left exhausted – SMH
10 Feb Forty year old charged over Kings Cross stabbing – Wentworth
10 Feb Stabbed in the face after Kings Cross brawl – SMH
9 Feb Residents disturbed by Kings Cross bikie brawl – White Trash Networks
9 Feb Bar brawl on Darlinghurst Rd Potts Point – Daily Telegraph
8 Feb 311 service below par – Wentworth Courier
6 Feb Hells Angels bikies arrested over Kings Cross brawl – Wentworth

January 2012
31 Jan Lost shirt row: man hurt after Kings Cross fight – SMH
20 Jan Family turns Kings Cross landmark into fountain of youth – SMH
17 Jan Gang associates arrested over Kings Cross drug supply – Wentworth
11 Jan Premises need more patrols – Wentworth Courier
8 Jan Underage drinking catches up with Kings Cross bar owner– Daily Telegraph

December 2011
23 Dec Kings Cross backpackers van market takes off – Wentworth Courier
19 Dec Kings Cross bouncer arrested over fight – Daily Telegraph
15 Dec Foodie fight – is Kings Cross a culinary destination? – Wentworth Courier
13 Dec Say hi to binzilla – Wentworth Courier
11 Dec Locals don’t want cruise liners at Garden Island – Wentworth Courier
1 Dec Violent venues list: do figures reflect reality? – Wentworth Courier

November 2011
20 Nov Police make call for pub lockouts – Telegraph
20 Nov Kings Cross to get its first electric car charger – Wentworth Courier
17 Nov Kings Cross residents call for more compliance – Wentworth Courier
16 Nov Our drinking problem – letter from Danielle Ecuyer – Wentworth
16 Nov Surgery required – letter from Rebecca Wright – Wentworth Courier
9 Nov Compliance failure – letter from Carole Ferrier – Wentworth Courier
9 Nov Incident laundering – letter from Jo Holder – Wentworth Courier
8 Nov Kings Cross private security crossed off  – Central
4 Nov Private security sent back to the barracks – Daily Telegraph
4 Nov Passion and violence: the birth of Kings Cross – SMH
2 Nov Leave the doof at home, drivers – Wentworth Courier
2 Nov Have your say – letter from Suzie Matthews, Manager Late Night Economy, City of Sydney – Wentworth Courier
2 Nov Who’ll fix the Cross?  – letter from P.McGrath – Wentworth Courier

October 2011
31 October Police back Kings Cross guards – SMH
26 October Cross mayhem – letter from Carole Ferrier – Wentworth Courier
26 October Take me home driver:  Kings Cross shuttle – Wentworth Courier
20 October The end of Potts Point van camp – City News
19 October  Victor Victoria Street – Wentworth Courier
19 October A night in the Cross – letter from P McGrath – Wentworth Courtier
19 October Waiting with interest – letter from Lucas Crabtree – Wentworth
7 October Kings Cross nightclub attack – SMH
13 October Trading places will be harder for backpackers – SMH
6 October Potts Point cockatoos put on hit list – City News
6 October ‘Tis the season for pissoirs – City News
3 October Man critical after assault at Potts Point – Wentworth Courier
1 October The tough business of cleaning up security – SMH

September 2011
29 September Bill gives councils power to tow backpacker vans from Potts Point – Wentworth Courier
21 September Letter from Jo Holder ‘Process Questioned’ in reply to Suzie Matthews about CoS compliance officers  – Wentworth Courier
21 September Letter from P McGrath ‘Numbers Needed’ in reply to Suzie Matthews about CoS compliance officers – Wentworth Courier
21 September Club’s dark past not reported to council – Wentworth courier
12 September Who’s to blame for alcohol fueled violence? – Channel 10 Soapbox
8 September 2011: The year and postcode for Crabtree – City News
8 September Kings Cross locals say no to restaurant – City News
7 September Letter from Lucas Crabtree  – Wentworth Courier
2 September Beak hour traffic destroying heritage buildings –  SMH
1 September A car market on the way but residents want laws changed too – City News

August 2011
16 August Council to decide on Elizabeth Bay marina– Wentworth Courier
3 August Bold approach to homelessness  – SMH
2 August Not a fair cop for Kings Cross – SMH Editorial (scroll down)
2 August Policing Kings Cross goes private -Kings Cross Times blog
1 August Kings of the Cross take matters into own hands  – SMH

July 2011
31 July Confusion over Elizabeth Bay marina – Wentworth Courier

June 2011
2nd June Cross at lack of toilets in Kings Cross – Wentworth Courier

April 2011
20 April Clean up Kings Cross – Wentworth Courier

March 2011
20 March Kings Cross security service: quick reaction team or overreactive force? – Wentworth Courier

December 2010
3o December New culprits in Kings Cross are musicians and oestrogen – SMH

November 2010
18 November Protesters block demolition at Rushcutters Bay – Wentworth Courier
5 November – Council’s plans to rip heart out of Kings Cross – SMH

April 2010
21 April Wobbly underbelly hides criminal truth – SMH

January 2010
14 January Street protest tonight over Kings Cross bouncers – SMH

July 2009
24 July Anger over bus loop cut – Wentworth Courier
20 July Green light for garden in the ‘loo – Wentworth Courier
15 July Small bars frozen out – Wentworth Courier
15 July Elizabeth Bay loop cut in ‘efficiency’ drive – Central Courier
11 July Letter to the Editor from the 2011 Residents Association responding to the letter from the Potts Point and Kings Cross Business Partnership – Sydney Morning Herald
10 July Letter to the Editor from the Potts Point and Kings Cross District Partnership regarding opposition to the use by the Sugarmill Hotel of Springfield Mall for outdoor seating – Sydney Morning Herald
10 July Tougher rules placed on violent hotels – Wentworth Courier
3 July Meter readers: More power to the consumer – Wentworth Courier

June 2009
25 June Running dry: Rees to freeze liquor licences – Sydney Morning Herald
4 June Council apologises for art removal – City News

May 2009
21 May 311 Protest goes to Parliament – City News
21 May Council destroys more public art – City News
19 May 311 protesters march on parliament – Central Courier
15 May Photos at the Rally at Parliament House 13 May 2009 – Wentworth Courier
15 May 311 bus supporters take their protest to Macquarie Street – Wentworth Courier
12 May Density of licensed premises relates to alcohol-fuelled violence: Sydney Council study – Central Courier
9 May Cross off the drugs, into binge drinking – Sydney Morning Herald (Malcolm Knox)
5 May Late-night crime spots deplete police elsewhere – Sydney Morning Herald (Paul Bibby)

Apr 2009
29 Apr Elizabeth Bay residents ‘kidnap’ 311 bus in protest against route cut – Wentworth Courier
22 Apr 311 Bus is our lifeline, say Elizabeth Bay residents – Wentworth Courier
18 Apr Councils put on notice – Wentworth Courier
16 Apr Two Kings Cross writers shortlisted for Miles Franklin Literary Award – Wentworth Courier
8 Apr Sunrise bus protest – Wentworth Courier

Mar 2009
22 Mar Security bounced from Cross clubs – Sydney Morning Herald
5 Mar Big buses to bypass Bay – City News
5 Mar Fitzroy Fig can rest in peace – City News
5 Mar Woolloomooloo revs-up over car hoons – City News
4 Mar Elizabeth Bay bus route trimmed – Wentworth Courier
3 Mar 311 bus routed out of Elizabeth Bay – Central Courier

Feb 2009
22 Feb Lord Mayor plans 2am drinking curfew – Sunday Telegraph
21 Feb We’re driving down pub violence: Rees – AAP with LiveNews
21 Feb Revealed: the violent truth about our pubs – SMH – details from the database the NSW government used to link violence to licensed premises
11 Feb Get off the grass – letter to the Editor – City News

Jan 2009
19 Jan New places, some old faces for the Cross – SMH – who owns what in Kings Cross
19 Jan – Interactive map showing who owns what in Kings Cross – SMH
19 Jan Heiress’s playground offers more cheek on the strip – SMH – about the Piano Room and Trademark Hotel’s DA for a 5 year trial of extended trading hours
10 Jan Beer barn fears over plan for German restaurant – SMH – about the proposed 300 patron German-themed restaurant underneath the Elan Building

Dec 2008
4 Dec More to do on buses – Wentworth Courier – letter to the editor re: the review of the 311 bus and buses traversing Woolloomooloo
4 Dec Letter to the editor on the review of the 311 bus – p. 9 City News

Nov 2008
27 Nov Beare Park still woofy – p. 3 City News – about the overflow of sewage into Sydney Harbour when there is a great deal of rainfall
21 Nov Sydney Harbour’s sewage problem – Wentworth Courer – about the overflow of sewage into Sydney Harbour

Sep 2008
10 Sep Anger over bus plan – Wentworth Courier – letter to the editor re: 2011RA public meeting on the future of the 311 bus
3 Sep Anger mounting over 311 plan Courier newspapers

May 2008
3 May More detail wanted on inner-city cycleways – p. 10 City News

Apr 2008
19 April Reg Murphy Centre given second chance – p. 4 City News
5 April Vandals smashing spree reinforces concerns – p.4 City News

Mar 2008
22 March Message delivered loud and clear to Council – p.3 City News
1 March Backlash to City East community centre review – p. 4 City News

Feb 2008
23 Feb Community unites to save Reg Murphy Centre – p. 4 City News

May 2007
29 May Two shabby terraces and a Kings Cross revolution – Letter to the Editor, Sydney Morning Herald

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