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Our Campaigns

The 2011 Residents’ Association has been involved in a number of successful campaigns that support the local community and its environs. This includes support for the following campaigns and projects:

Minerva Theatre (Metro Cinema), Orwell Street, Potts Point threatened with redevelopment

minerva-theatre-1939-sam-hoodThe Minerva Theatre has been a feature of Potts Point and Kings Cross since the 1930s. It has been a cultural hub first for theatre goers and then (renamed as the Metro Cinema) for movie goers.

In recent years it has been used as film studios and then was mostly dormant for some time, but the Minerva/Metro could still be rejuvenated as a living theatre and a focus for the arts in Potts Point and Kings Cross.

Recently a real estate developer has submitted plans to greatly alter the building and make it into a boutique hotel and restaurant. You can see the development application here.

To see the Minerva/Metro developed into a hotel would be a great loss for the whole of Sydney.

You can read 2011 Residents Association submission here.

We urge you to make your personal submission on this DA. Email it to dasubmissions@cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au . Submissions must be sent before 5pm on 15 September.

* * *

Macleay Street and Lawrence Hargrave Reserve makeovers planned by Sydney City Council (November 2019)

The 2011 Residents Association and the Friends of Fitzroy Gardens and Lawrence Hargrave Reserve distributed a flyer to local residents detailing the changes that these makeovers, if implemented, would bring.

We found that:

  • the Macleay Street makeover would change the street from a residential street to an open-for-business strip
  • the Lawrence Hargrave Reserve makeover would seriously degrade a much loved and needed oasis of peace, quiet and contemplation and remove native species.

We called on residents to make their views known to Council before it was too late.

Click here to read the flyer

* * *

Don’t forget what Kings Cross was like before the life-saving “lockout laws” were introduced


#KeepSydneySafe #nswpol

Fact Check on the lockout laws and keeping Sydney safe

Alcohol and Deregulation Timeline

* * *
The Bourbon-to-Empire Development Application
2011RA has conducted a public campaign to object the proposed development of a whole historic Kings Cross block at 18-32 Darlinghurst Road. In conjunction with Concerned Citizens, 2011RA held a public meeting on 18 January 2018 which was attended by more than 200 residents (see Sydney Morning Herald article “Furious Kings Cross locals call on council to block developer’s Golden Mile building plans”).

Click here to view videos of the speakers and residents at the public meeting.

Public Toilets
2011RA is concerned that one or more of the three public toilets located next to the Police Station in the Fitzroy Gardens — the only public toilets in Kings Cross/Point — have been very frequently out of order over a long period. We have been campaigning for the City of Sydney to maintain these important public amenities much better.

Alcohol-Related Violence
2011RA is very concerned with the effects of the excessive consumption of alcohol and the resultant violence and anti-social behaviour on the residential amenity and safety in our area. It supports the NSW Government’s laws of February 2014 as a partial solution.


2011 Residents Association members and supporters are protesting against the proposed relaxation of the State Government’s pub and club lockout laws. In this photo they are seen attending a Wentworth Courier photo shoot and interview on 19 January 2015.

Election Information Flyer on the Lockout Laws

The NSW State Election was on 28 March 2015.

There wasn’t a concise summary of the policies of the main candidates relating to the lockouts which had been so successful in dramatically improving the amenity of our neighbourhood.

So we produced a flyer which would enable residents to make an informed choice on election day and distributed it to residents’ letterboxes.

You can view our flyer here.

For more general information on alcohol-related harm and violence, see here.

Interesting Video on the Lockout Laws

CLICK HERE to watch a video on the arguments for and against the lockout laws

Community garden

The 2011RA supports the community garden projects in Wolloomooloo and is actively seeking support for community gardens in Potts Point and Elizabeth Bay. Please contact us on 2011rai@gmail.com to get involved.

Fitzroy Gardens, Kings Cross
The 2011RA and local residents responded strongly to the City of Sydney Council’s plans to redevelop the Fitzroy Gardens, which included the removal of convict brick work and a Chinese elm tree. They supported the “Save Fitzroy Gardens” campaign in 2010.  We support the maintenance and improvement of the park currently proposed by the City of Sydney but oppose the removal the original landscape features of the park.  The Berzins designed landscaped gardens and park are integral to the heritage and amenity of our neighbourhood.

Kings Cross Dog Show

A positive and fun event that brings the local community together, the Kings Cross Dog Show has now been held twice (in 2015 and 2017). The event has been staged by the Kings Cross Arts & Cultural Festival and individual members of 2011 Residents’ Association have helped as volunteers on both occasions.

If you have any suggestions about how the 2011RA could support an issue you, please contact us at:

2011 Residents’ Association
PO Box 1513
Potts Point 1335 NSW
Email: 2011rai@gmail.com

You can also write to your local members asking for support for these campaigns:

State Member for Sydney:
Mr Alex Greenwich MP
58 Oxford Street
Paddington NSW 2021
Email: sydney@parliament.nsw.gov.au

Federal Member for Wentworth:
Mr Dave Sharma MP
Suite 302 level 3
179-191 New South Head Road
Edgecliff, NSW, 2027
Email: dave.sharma.mp@aph.gov.au

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