2011 Residents' Association

Residents of Kings Cross, Potts Point, Elizabeth Bay, Rushcutters Bay and Woolloomooloo

– Innovation needs to improve village: letter to the Wentworth

The following letter by 2011RA President Lucas Crabtree was published in the Wentworth courier on the 16th May 2012

Innovation needs to improve village

The 2011 Residents’ Association welcome Bartels’ proposal to undertake a survey of local retailers to come up with ideas to improve the Kings Cross/Potts Point village.  We need to find innovative ways  to encourage more retailers into our village and to ensure that the mix of shops is not dominated by alcohol related businesses. More local retailers are needed to service this thriving community and we support the Potts Point Partnership (PPP) in their endeavours to achieve this.

2011RA is also looking at ways to survey residents of the area to get a broader understanding about residents’ concerns, as well as their ideas about how the neighbhourhood might be improved.  Perhaps PPP will consider sharing their survey so that residents and business owners alike can contribute?

2011RA would like to remind Bartels, former liberal candidate for the state election, that Kings Cross/Potts Point is a residential neighbourhood in which many thousands of people live.  Local residents enjoy the vitality of the area and know that late night silence is not option. However,  it is the right of all residents to sleep at night and not to be disturbed by antisocial behaviour. This right should not be discounted as bars and late night traders exploit existing laws to increase the number of venues and patrons.

We need to get the balance in Kings Cross/Potts Point right for both business and residents.  But at this point it seems that alcohol-related premises dominate the discussion and this is detrimental to business diversity in our village.

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