2011 Residents' Association

Residents of Kings Cross, Potts Point, Elizabeth Bay, Rushcutters Bay and Woolloomooloo

– Cumulative impact of licensed premises: 2011RA submission to OLGR

In response to the  NSW Government’s Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing (OLGR) call for submissions, the 2011RA has prepared a submission about the cumulative impact of licensed premises in the suburb of Potts Point (which includes Kings Cross).

The OLGR have engaged the Allen Consulting Group to undertake a research project to identify the positive and negative impacts that may result from the clustering of licensed premises/liquor outlets within a location. The challenge facing the NSW Government is balancing the economic and social benefits of a vibrant hospitality industry while minimising the harm associated with alcohol consumption. This research forms part of a work program that is due to be completed by the end of 2012 and is intended to provide an evidence base for policy formations into the future.The closing date for submissions was the 18th May 2012.

The 2011RA submission to the OLGR:  “Cumulative impact of licensed premises”

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