2011 Residents' Association

Residents of Kings Cross, Potts Point, Elizabeth Bay, Rushcutters Bay and Woolloomooloo

– Cross mayhem: letter to the Wentworth Courier

The following letter was by 2011RA member Carole Ferrier was published in the Wentworth Courier

Cross Mayhem

Every weekend there is more and more mayhem in Kings Cross, but where are the compliance officers to help out our hard working officers at Kings Cross Police Station? Instead we have a private army, funded by the nightclubs, supposedly providing ‘security’. 
Suzie Matthews, Late Night Economy Manager for the City Of Sydney Council, rushed to assure readers of the Wentworth Courier that there are active compliance officers on the street (see Letters Sept 21st). However, I have been asking CoS officers and Ms Matthews since December 2007 exactly how many of these mysterious compliance officers are deployed by the CoS in the Cross, where they are, and when they are on duty? As it stands, they are invisible, and are certainly not ensuring compliance over the weekends.
A stabbing outside a nightclub on 15 Oct, a bashing in Springfield Mall 2 Oct – and this just in the first 2 weekends in October, putting undue strain on already stretched Police resources struggling to deal with the alcohol-saturated Kings Cross precinct. Then factor in ambulances, medicos, hospital emergency departments, and ask just how much in dollar terms this is costing the tax payers of NSW.
Residents are tired of the madness and out of control behaviour of licensees and alcohol-fuelled violent crowds in Kings Cross. We don’t thank Clover Moore at all for expanding the Late Night Trading area into residential streets. She has looked after the Liquor industry but not the residents. But if Waverley Council can start to turn back the tide, why not the City of Sydney?

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