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NSW Government’s policy response to reduce alcohol-related violence

The NSW Government issued a media release on 9 July 2009 on its actions to attempt to reduce alcohol-related violence associated with licensed premises (see the media release entitled “Restrictions continue to curb alcohol violence” at http://www.premier.nsw.gov.au/Newsroom/Articles/2009_Articles/090708_Restrictions_continue_to_curb_alcohol_violence.html).

Key elements of the policy are that premises with which there have been associated 8 or more assaults in the previous 12 months will be subject to additional obligations. There are to be three bands – level 1 (19 or more assaults) have the most stringent obligations similar to those imposed on the “list of 48 premises” currently, level 2 (12-18 assaults) will have lesser obligations, and level 3 (8-11 assaults) have fewer obligations – they will be helped by OLGR to “strengthen alcohol and security management”.

For the sake only of completeness (and not to advertise the policy), the complete media release is over the fold.

Restrictions continue to curb alcohol violence
8 July 2009

Premier Nathan Rees today released the NSW Government’s safety regime to curb alcohol related violence in NSW pubs and clubs.

The NSW Government announced the final set of rules that will govern restrictions placed on declared venues.

“The community is sick and tired of violence and these new arrangements will continue to target venues that have rising alcohol-related assault rates,” said Mr Rees.

“We will work with venues to reduce incidents by imposing strict rules on their operations but will also reward them for their success.

“Strict requirements will continue to be placed on venues based on the number of assaults on premises.

“Special conditions will be imposed on licenses to reduce intoxication and violence, while lower risk premises will be given extra help to improve compliance and safety standards.

“Three new categories based on assaults will replace the current system and reclassification of venues will be possible twice a year based on a review of assault data.

“The highest risk venues with 19 or more assaults a year will be subject to similar special conditions already in force at 48 of the State’s most violent pubs and clubs.

“The scheme will also allow venues with reduced incidents of violence to be removed from the list or have the number of special conditions reduced.

“Any decision to remove a venue from the list will not be taken lightly.

“It will primarily be based on the level of assaults and the provision of an appropriate venue safety management plan.

“The data is published by the Bureau of Crime Statistics and a revised list will be compiled on 1 December and 1 June each year using 12 months of rolling data.

“Venues added to the list will be subject to the special conditions for a minimum of 6 months,” said Mr Rees.

The three bands and their restrictions are:

Level 1 (19 or more assaults)

  • 10 minute time out or the provision of free water and food for 10 minutes every hour after midnight
  • Cease service 30 minutes prior to closure
  • No glass after 12am
  • 2am lockout
  • No shots, no doubles and no RTDs over 5% and four alcoholic drinks per customer per order
  • Extra security measures

Level 2 (12 to 18 assaults)

  • 10 minute time out or the provision of free water and food for 10 minutes every hour after midnight
  • Cease service 30 minutes prior to closure
  • No glass after 12am

Level 3 (8 to 11 assaults)

Lower risk premises will be given help by the NSW Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing (OLGR) to strengthen alcohol and security management

Gaming Minister Kevin Greene said that wide spread consultation has occurred following the introduction of the Government’s initial measures to ensure the system was fair and transparent.

“Before any conditions are imposed, licensees will have the opportunity to provide their venue safety plan and show cause as to why they should not be added to the list of premises subject to special conditions,” said Mr Greene.

“The names of the venues subject to the new legal requirements will be published online to allow patrons to make informed choices when deciding where to go out.

“We will also impose a new condition on all Level 1 and Level 2 licensed venues requiring all assaults to be recorded during operating hours in a specific register kept on the premises.

“OLGR has also carried out a review of 24-hour venues to ensure adequate liquor licence conditions are in place.

“The review found that only 14 licensed venues in NSW actually trade 24 hours and they are already subject to stringent conditions,” said Mr Greene.


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