2011 Residents' Association

Residents of Kings Cross, Potts Point, Elizabeth Bay, Rushcutters Bay and Woolloomooloo

311 bus campaign – 25 June residents meeting with Clover Moore MP

Local residents and representatives of the 2011 Residents Association met with Clover Moore MP, the local MP in the Legislative Assembly, on Thursday 25 June 2009, to discuss the changes to the 311 bus service.

Four representatives from the 2011 Residents Association were able to go to the meeting with Ms Moore, her electoral officer, and a council transport officer at Parliament House.

*Ms Lesley Holt presented the Legislative Assembly petitions to Ms Moore on behalf of residents. Ms Moore assured representatives of her concern and commitment to the cause of retoring the bus route.

* Ms Moore will go back to the Minister to re-iterate her position that the 311 bus service must be restored. The fact that no long bus (that is one with wheel chair access), has yet run on the route, shows that the Government’s position on changing the route to give wheel chair access and access for mothers with prams, is somewhat hollow. The hollowness of their position is further emphasised because the new timetable carries no wheel chair access symbol. It is perfectly obvious that the short buses are still been used all over Sydney and will need to be used for many years to come. (They are still running on routes where long buses can be used.)The government can restore the Elizabeth Bay loop for no increased cost.

* Ms Moore told residents that the Council has not received a request to remove parking spaces around the loop in order to allow the long buses to run. It would also appear that even if the parking spaces were removed, the long buses would still not be able to get around the loop. Evidence of all of this will be provided to the 2011 Residents Association.

* Ms Moore will also take up our concerns with the Minister again particularly in light of the vote in the Legislative Council on Wednesday afternoon and the comments of Ms Fazio and Ms Sharpe in their attempts to explain the Government’s decision. See here for the Hansard recording the debate.

* Representatives made it clear to Ms Moore that the position of the 2011 Residents Association and the residents groups in Darlinghurst and Woolloomooloo was that the 311 STA service around the loop using the existing short buses was the only viable option. The idea of a community bus is not acceptable to residents because its purposes are different from a full public bus service provided by the STA.

* Publicity for our concerns will be pursued with the SMH’ s transport writer.

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