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Comment about the Amy Cooper blog in the Sun Herald – “Let’s banish the fun dodgers”

The Sun Herald published a blog entry by Amy Cooper on 8 March 2009 entitled Let’s banish the fun dodgers, in which Amy discusses her view that it is ridiculous for residents of Kings Cross to complain about any noise resulting from the operation of businesses in the area, after residents spoke to Council on the recent DA for the Sugarmill Hotel to have a rooftop bar.

Amy previously wrote about the Sugarmill Hotel (Bank on this bar) in a piece published on a website associated with the Courier group of newspapers in December 2008.

I wrote the following comment on her recent blog entry:

As President of the local Residents Association, some locals have told me that the noise from some licensed premises is so loud that they can’t get to sleep. One woman even had to move out of the area for a week over the last Christmas to be able to sleep!

People have told me they’re not annoyed at noise per se, but at noise that is so loud that it’s very disruptive to their lives. These concerns shouldn’t be lightly dismissed and it’s Council’s role to take them into account when assessing DAs.

Council’s processes allow people to speak for or against DAs and it’s perfectly fine for locals to speak to Council on a DA if they wish. As a residents association, we support everyone being able to present information they think is relevant to a DA and to be able to speak for or against it.

We support a vibrant Kings Cross that works for visitors, businesses and residents.


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