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Letter to the Wentworth Courier – City of Sydney recording complaints

I sent the following Letter to the Editor of the Wentworth Courier on the weekend.

Update: The letter was published in the 18 Feb 2009 edition of the Wentworth Courier.

Dear Editor,
According to the last edition of the Wentworth Courier, a City of Sydney spokesman said the City had a total of six complaints relating to the Piano Room and Trademark Hotel but none were relating to noise.
This is news to the 2011 Residents’ Association. We can show any interested person many complaints to Council and Council Officers about the Piano Room and Trademark Hotel. Local residents have detailed these complaints in objections to DAs for these premises.
We are surprised to find that apparently not all complaints made to Council Officers were recorded officially as complaints. While we find out how residents can make complaints to Council, we urge any residents wishing to make a complaint to do so by personally visiting the City of Sydney Kings Cross Neighbourhood Centre or to phone the general City of Sydney contact number on 9265 9333.


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